Tilting at Windmills

On the windmill/giant cards, where are the victory points shown?
Number of victory points earned for the current side is shown in the top-left corner, while points for the other side are in the bottom-right corner as a reminder.

Shall we shuffle all movement cards into the same deck forming a draw deck?

Are the mission cards kept secretly?

If someone plays out one of his mission cards, does he get a new one?

Who is the first player in the game? When a round ends, who starts the next round?
At the first turn choose the first player randomly. In the following turns the player who did not take the windmill/giant will start the turn.

Is it important to discard the cards into 4 separate decks?
No, but if you do so, it is easier to check previously played cards.

In the tactical mode, the icons for moving the figures closer or further from each other are the same?
The icons look the same, but the one on the knight’s board moves either figure closer to the other, while the one on the sidekick’s board moves either figure further from the other.

In the extreme tactical mode, when you draw a card from the face-up cards, do you refill it immediately?
Yes. If you have to draw multiple cards, you draw them one-by-one, and refill after each draw.

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